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Monday, February 14, 2011

56 Valentines

Monday is around the corner and it brings the sounds of kids eating breakfasts fast, backpacks zipping and car doors slamming . 
This week has a special Monday... handfuls of sweet valentines, class parties and yummy goodies...

We have finished valentines that I'm excited to share.

A colorful valentine for my husband's class.

My husband is a elementary school teacher and wanted to give his class a little something.

I'm a youth soccer coach and have practice on Valentine's Day with my under 10 girls team.

K-Bear has a class of 11 and Boo has a class of 17.

A total of  56 valentines were made this weekend!

First, this colorful valentine was a perfect fit for my husband's class.
I found this great craft at the long thread and you can also find another great tutorial  here.

The girls enjoyed peeling the wrappers, breaking and watching the crayons melt. 
I made the valentine message and the girls cut and glued them to each note card. 

Keeping the melted crayon on the note card is where I encountered a challenge...the crayons do not lay flat and I had limited time and supplies!
I hot glued the front of the note card with clear cellophane paper and the problem was solved. I glued three sides and left one open to slide the melted crayon heart inside and glued the last side closed.

Valentines for the boys on Boo's and K-Bear's class.
 I knew what the girls wanted to give their girl classmates but the boys were tricky.
The girls were getting a sweet little hair clip and I didn't want the boys to feel left out. 

Boo originally found a valentine owl at Family Fun last weekend. But next to the girls cupcakes they needed  little makeover. 

And this is what we came up with...  

Using the template from Family Fun, silly eyes and scrap booking paper we made this cute pencil giving owl.
I just love the way they turned out and how much the girls were able to participate in making them.
I did do the work of the detail cutting but they had to assemble each one and sign them on the back.

Valentines for the girls in Boo's and K-Bear's class.
After making heart pins for the teachers on Friday I was addicted to making more little heart somethings.
I warned you in my last post that you could get addicted and I wasn't kidding. 

I'm so excited because I made my own template for the cupcakes.

Boo with my help made the valentine message and the girls got to work assembling and signing each one.

The little heart barrette was the perfect cherry on top of these cute little cupcakes!

I love Valentine's Day and can't wait to pick the girls up from school and for my husband to walk in the door for a warm family dinner and a sweet homemade treat.

I wish everyone a day of love and filled with loved ones. 



  1. These are all so cute! I especially like the owl/pencil combo. Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day! I found you through Made By You Mondays and am now a follower.


  2. Thank you visiting my little blog. We had a great time creating these valentines and the girls loved being a part of the whole process. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


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