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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Midnight Sewing

This weekend didn't go as planned... it was better! 
I spent most of the weekend doing Valentine's Day projects and sewing into the wee hours of the morning.
I had to get in a couple of long runs this weekend as well. 
I only have 17 days left until my first Half Marathon - YIKES!

Even though I didn't sew all day Saturday like I planned, I did finish a couple of 
CATCH ALL BAGS based on Anna's Scrappy Make-Up Pouch tutorial at Noodlehead.


and I also finished VALENTINE HEART BARRETTES inspired by The Purl Bee  

First project finished.... great little valentines for K-Bear's class!

K-Bear modeling her favorite heart barrette.
 I love the mix of colors and the added heart buttons. They will make great valentines for the girls in K-Bear's class!
But what are we going to do for the boys?

I will have to keep you posted on what Boo decides for her class. She has a a lot of great ideas and wants to make them herself. 

Family Fun Magazine was a hit this weekend with endless ideas for keeping my house messy and my little ones busy. They also have a great website
It's defiantly worth checking out.
CATCH ALL BAGS were next on the list to finish.
I made these two padded bags for the girls new Leapsters that their grandmother gave them for Christmas. 
K-Bear's Padded Leapster Bag
Boo's Padded Leapster Bag

Leapsters inside ready to travel.
I used Anna's tutorial from Noodlehead as a guide to create these bags.
I added a thick fleece lining as protective padding and a couple of pockets for extra game storage.
 We also have a lot of little toys from Christmas floating around that also need a home.
To solve this problem I made two more bags this weekend. 

This time I didn't use a fleece for the lining and I added several pocket inside for storage.
I also kept the exterior fabric matching their first bags while adding some cute fabric details.
I love making things that are cute and functional. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend even if it didn't go as you planned.


  1. These bags are so cute, thanks for sharing

  2. I love those bags. I am going to make some for my boys who travel with their leapsters everywhere! Is there a link to Noodlehead's tutorial?

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from Project 52! Those bags are adorable, and I just love the clips! You are such a talented lady!

  4. Love those bags! I need to learn how to sew!


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