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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clips and bow and ribbons, oh my!

We have so many hair clips, bows and ribbons lying all over our house. Every season, event and holiday deserves the proper hair accessory, but we couldn’t find the correct accessory for the occasion. I decided to redo a garage sale picture frame and Thrift Store chalkboard as hair accessory organizers.

This basket was located in our bathroom as a catch all for the girls’ accessories before bath time.

With two cans of my favorite spray paint we solved our problem. Spray painting is a fun, fast and easy way to complete your projects indoors and out. Krylon is one of my favorite brands because it goes on easy and even, dries fast and has no odor after drying.Check them out at

This fancy old picture frame was found at a garage sale a couple of years ago. At first it was made into a chalkboard for the girls but it wasn’t used. I popped the chalkboard out and decided to make their first hair accessory organizer.

For the second organizer I did pretty much the same thing except I experimented with the ribbons that are holding the barrettes.

I had a couple of large canning jars around and made them into headband holders.  I added handful of beach colored stones to help the jar from falling over.  

The girls love to look at their upcycled picture frames in the morning. Problem Solved!

Over the weekend we've been working on decorations for the house which I hope to share with you tomorrow. We've also been busy making new Valentine hair accessories. Now that we have a place to store and find them I am happy to make more.

After Christmas I tinkered with making Valentine barrettes for the girls. You can find this blue heart in the first picture frame above. I love the colors and variations over at The Purl Bee. 

I hope to get a couple barrettes done tonight to share with you tomorrow.

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