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Monday, January 2, 2012

THE List is Long

There's nothing like a fresh new year to inspire you to set some goals.
I have a list, a very BIG list, of unfinished and need to start projects.

 1. Wallets and Clutches

2. Baby Shower Gift Sets and Banner... needs to be finished by this Sunday.

3. Modified Crayon/Car Wallet

4. New Reusable Lunch Sets

5. Help a friend and make some organizing items for her three boys.
I would to help her get a before and after school schedule for the boys.
Our Morning School Schedule

Our After School Schedule

Our Weekly Clothes Bins

6. Barbie and Doll Clothes
Thanks to Jessica over at Craftiness is Not Optional and her wonderful Barbie clothes tutorial I've been addicted to making clothes.

The skirts and dresses are very easy and fun to make.


The tops are a little more time consuming then I planned. I have about 12 skirts waiting tops.
I will share when I finish.
I can't wait for all the sets to be complete.
I want to see the girls mix and match the tops and bottoms.

7. Thank You notes
I'm using LIl Blue Boo's Fill-in-the-Blank template.
Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo is amazing and you need to check her blog out.

I have a couple of thank you gifts just waiting for the last snap or the deadline to come speeding around the corner.
Tomorrow I promise I will have a real list with deadlines.
Today we had fun at Sea World and all projects were put on hold.

The girls head back to school soon and I'm preparing myself for missing them.
I love those little faces and can never get enough of them.

1 comment:

  1. Remember you will always have a list. Enjoy your family!


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