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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Favorite App

Rock Soup
One of my favorite apps has to be Instagram
Instagram is great app for taking pictures.
I think it's great for those who struggle with taking a good photo... like me.  
Instagram allows you to alter your pictures, easily, in a fun way that makes your photos look better without changing it too much. 

My other job - Soccer Coach 

I continue to forget to take pictures of what I am doing at a particular moment. 
I remember too late to capture that moment. 
Then I think, "Darn. I should have taken a picture of that."
Instagram makes me want to take more pictures. 
I hope you check out the iphone app and join in on the fun. 

Ice Skating the 1st time

You can follow me on Instagram by finding me @aplacetosew on the app. 

I hope to see you on Instagram and your photos!
Other images from the weekend and another item off the sewing list.
Helping Dad finish the irrigation system
While the girls and the hubby were outside playing and installing our irrigation system I was sewing outside. 
I wish I had a better picture but forgot. 
This is the best one... I'm still getting use to taking pictures. 

I finished cat toys from my fabric scraps.
I hate to waste but I think I need a better way to use my fabric scraps. 
Another item off the list... getting there, little by little.

Lunch Buffet for the workers
The NFL playoff games were on this weekend and the TV came outside with us so we wouldn't miss Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos while we worked. 
I'm not a Denver Bronco fan but I'm a fan of amazing people.
Tim Tebow is a pretty impressive individual and worthy of moving the TV outside.

Our outdoor lunch buffet had...
a crock pot of hot chocolate
hot chocolate tray with marshmallows and graham crackers
cheese, pepperoni and crackers 

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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